Sony presented an electric car. Vision-S has one drawback

Sony Vision-s 2

Sony and the moto market?

Nobody expected that. Sony at the consumer electronics fair CES 2020 presented an electric car … basically the design of such a car. The vehicle looks like a cross between a Tesla Model S and a Porsche Taycan and appears to be something truly phenomenal. There is a minor problem: you will probably never buy it.

Sony Vision-S is a co-production of Sony with Nvidia, Continental, Bosch and Qualcomm. The platform on which the body was placed was developed by the Austrian company Magna Steyr. The Japanese manufacturer gave a handful of data about the car, but since this vehicle does not exist and probably never arises, these data can probably be inserted between cartoons. Maybe Sony will surprise us?

Sony Vision-s 1

Vision-S is to have two electric motors of 200 kW each. They allow to allegedly accelerate the car to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.8 seconds. Fast? Not necessarily, because Tesla cars do it in a time well below 4 seconds. The maximum speed is 239 kilometers per hour.

Sony emphasizes the presence of 33 sensors and LiDAR, which are to allow the car to move fully autonomously. The interior is minimalistic and made with taste, or at least by today's standards. The central part of the console is reserved for a large widescreen, of course, touch screen. The chairs have integrated a speaker system with 360 Reality Audio technology. The vehicle with batteries weighs 2350 kg.

It doesn't seem likely that Sony would want to enter the car market. The cost of such a venture would be colossal, and the venture itself would be extremely risky. Sony probably only wanted to show that it thinks about the future and does so on really many levels.