Sony may reveal the look of PlayStation 5 in February

Sony Playstation-5-appearance

We are waiting!

The official premiere of the new generation of consoles is getting closer. Microsoft already shared some hardware details last year Xbox Series X. Has been shown, among others device appearance. However, Sony is still waiting for the right moment and everything indicates that it will come in the next few weeks.

We know relatively little about PlayStation 5. It only came to light the development kit look console, and Sony itself at CES 2020 betrayed nothing more than what has been circulating on the web for several months. As it turns out, the information breakthrough is expected in February.

Rumors come from David Jaffe, who worked, among others on the latest installment of the God of War series. The man claims that Sony plans to organize a special media event in the first two weeks of February. Invitations will be sent soon. There was no specific date.

It is also worth noting that the network several hours ago a blurred photo of the (apparently) final version of PlayStation 5 appeared. Everyone is skeptical about the project and more and more sources postulate that we are dealing with a false shot. Personally, I can't imagine Sony creating a "X" -like console, but … who knows?

ps5 graphics 1

If the above reports prove to be true, then in a few weeks we can be dealing with a great announcement of the official appearance of PlayStation 5.

Source: Digital Trends