Some users have received Pixel 4 in a box from … cereal. A great Google play

google pixel 4 pack 1

It looks beautiful.

Google some time ago gave up the candy naming of subsequent versions of Android. Fortunately, the company's "sweet character" has not completely gone. Why such a conclusion? Numerous smartphone buyers Pixel 4 because they shared photos of the device packaging. It is unusual, but also beautiful.

The British branch of Google decided to prepare a real surprise for people who were tempted by the company's latest phone. It turns out that some of the copies were packed into boxes modeled on the packaging for breakfast cereals. On the front we can see a bowl with milk and flakes in the shape of … pixels!

If that wasn't enough, then inside the package (except the phone, of course) is a bag of petals in the colors of the Google logo. I must admit that the whole thing makes a huge impression and certainly brings a smile to the faces of people who have already received such a package.

According to Google, only 2,000 consumers will receive / receive such a package. This applies only to people ordering Pixel 4 in pre-order to the British address. So sometimes buying something in advance pays off.

Source: Android Police