SMS asking for extra payment? Deposit usd, you will lose everything

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Be careful.

It would seem that in time society will become resistant to the already well-worn methods of fraud, which cybercriminals have been using for years. Nothing could be more wrong. Polish Police warns citizens against fraudsters impersonating Poczta Polska and courier companies, sending SMSs with a request to pay the alleged "missing amount for a pending shipment".

It is always included in messages from criminals link to a fake page with different payment systems. The vigilance of the victims may be dulled by the fact that scammers usually ask for small amounts of money – sometimes it is a zloty, at other times literally several dozen groszy. Someone may think that if they can be fooled, they will lose at most a small amount of money. Well no.

Police services cite the story of a Legnica poviat resident who received an SMS with a request for an additional payment. When he decided to "implement it" via a link in the message, he fell victim to classic phishing. The man thought he was logging into his online banking while he was sending his data to cyber criminals who from his account they brought out the amount of approx. usd 18 thousand.

An alternative phishing method is also circulating in Poland. After clicking the link, the victim is not directed to the payment page, but to download the application that steals login details from banking applications. With its help, fraudsters can forward SMSs with bank passwords to their phone numbers. This method is relatively effective, because few smartphone users protect it with anti-virus software.

If you are not sure, whether the message sent to you comes from a reliable source, be sure to contact the helpline of the entity that allegedly sent you a request for payment. In this way, you will definitely make sure that you have not found yourself in the crosshairs of thieves.

Once again, I appeal: talk about such topics with your parents, grandparents or friends with less technical knowledge. Perhaps in this way you will help them avoid problems.

Source: Police