Simple and functional invoice programs from Mega-Tech. What makes them different?


Invoicing can be easy.

How to choose the best solution for your business? What to consider when deciding which program to issue invoices for? It is certainly important to thoroughly test the proposed options and check their application as part of your business.

Small Business Invoice and Small Business Invoice Commerce, or programs for simple invoicing

Invoice program Small Business Invoice (FSB) created by the Lodz company Mega-Tech is very easy to use, transparent, intuitive and multi-functional. Another manufacturer's proposal is the invoice issuing program extended by the warehouse module Smal Business Handel Invoice (FSBH).

Issuing invoices is an inherent process that occurs in every company that carries out transactions in the sale of goods or services rendered. That is why the preparation of documents should be quick and easy. It is possible with invoice programs from Mega-Tech. These solutions are a proposal prepared for micro, small and medium enterprises. Thanks to specially built-in modules invoicing using them is quick and pleasant. These programs are a great facilitation of the entrepreneur's daily work.

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Documents available in the programs

The user will issue documents such as: VAT invoice, invoice without VAT, invoice with split payment annotation, simplified invoice, down payment invoice, final invoice, correction invoice, both in the Small Business Invoice and the Small Business Invoice program. proforma invoice, VAT invoice – margin, SCRAP invoice, WDT invoice, MK invoice – cash method, export invoice, internal invoice, re-invoice or receipt and proof of sale.

In addition, it is possible to generate quickly JPK files (Uniform Control Files). The FSBH program, due to the built-in warehouse module, also allows you to prepare basic types of warehouse documents, such as: WZ, PZ, PW, RW and MM.

Split Payment – compliance of programs with regulations

Both invoicing programs offered by Mega-Tech have been prepared in such a way as to comply with applicable regulations. The user can count on continuous updates that adapt the programs to the introduced amendments. The FSB and FSBH programs are updated if there are changes in JPK or new guidelines are introduced. Therefore, the entrepreneur does not have to worry that his invoicing program will not allow him to comply with laws and ordinances. The FSB and FSBH programs allow, for example, to issue invoices with annotation about the split payment mechanism (MPP), i.e. split payment.

A harmonious duo – invoicing and storage

Some entrepreneurs may expect that the invoicing program is something more, namely a combination of options allowing to issue documents with storage. In response to this demand, the Faktura Small Business Handel program was created. The built-in warehouse module allows you to prepare both warehouse and cash register documents such as KW, KP, BW and BP. The user can enter goods into the program, e.g. by adding purchase invoices. FSBH software is a simple tool that will allow you to control inventory on an ongoing basis. Thanks to this solution, taking a physical inventory (inventory) does not take much time. Noteworthy is the possibility of creating sets of goods. This option allows you to indicate a set on the invoice, while the individual elements that make it are collected and displayed from the warehouse.

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Extensive personalization options

FSB and FSBH invoicing software are tools that allow the user to make many modifications. The user can, for example, adapt the templates of printed documents to their own needs by entering their own logo, stamp or contact details. A specially prepared template editor will allow you to add registers, currencies, units of measure and preferred forms of payment. Invoices can be issued at net or gross prices. Users of FSB and FSBH programs can mark entered data using markers and colors. This is a very helpful option, especially in the case of permanent cooperation with the contractor and when, for example, there is a need to urgently find the document.

Convenient service for contractors and saving time

Invoicing contractors from the FSB and FSBH programs takes several minutes. Such extremely fast preparation of documents is possible thanks to specially prepared options. These include functions of downloading contractors' data from the CEIDG database after entering the company's NIP or the average exchange rate for a given day with the NBP when invoicing in a foreign currency.

Documents can be issued in different languages, which is also a great help for the entrepreneur. Prepared documents can be saved to known file extensions, sent to clients by email and quickly exported to popular accounting programs.

It is also helpful cyclic invoice module, which will allow you to issue such documents if needed. If you want to save time on invoicing, you should use the option of serial prints. Just one click to print a prepared statement of invoices for selected customers, prepared offers / orders or from a selected date range. The programs will also allow you to create price lists or prepare offers and orders for customers. An interesting feature is the ability to create product and customer files, which significantly improve office work and quickly issue invoices.

Data security above all

An entrepreneur who uses the invoice Small Business or Invoice Small Business Commerce does not have to worry about the security of the data entered into them. It is enough if using the tool he launched the free eArchive service. It is a remote backup copy that, by sending data to the server, protects it against potential loss. Entrepreneurs find it difficult to predict random situations such as the theft of a computer or its infection by malware. In response to these and other possibilities, the manufacturer took care of entrepreneurs and prepared a function for them that would protect the company against the potential loss of data entered into the programs.

Reports and reports are always welcome

The software provides the entrepreneur with a number of useful analyzes and statistics. The generated documents allow you to check the company's sales and turnover. The following reports can be distinguished: VAT sales records, sales analysis by goods and services and by customers, profit and margin analysis, best and worst-selling goods, best and worst customers, quantitative goods sold for a given period or unpaid receivables and liabilities for customers.

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What else does Mega-Tech offer?

Programs from Mega-Tech can be tested for free during the 7-day trial period. An entrepreneur who uses this option will be able to check all the functionalities mentioned and not mentioned in his activity. There are really many options, but this does not affect the transparency of the programs. The software is easy to navigate and you can easily find the functions you need in them. Created applications work quickly and easily. For example, the time that is needed to display the database of 50,000 contractors has been reduced to less than a second. Program users can also count on technical support, which will discuss any problem they encounter.

As you can see, the Small Business invoice and Small Business invoice programs are a combination of interesting and functional modules organizing the entrepreneur's work. If you want to make invoices conveniently and quickly, it's worth testing the solutions prepared by Mega-Tech. The FSB and FSBH programs are certainly a guarantee of simple and secure invoicing.

programs in the trial version available for download from our file database:

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