Shopping spree continues! Record sales of Chinese stores, 500 million people looking for bargains

single sale day

Impressive sales results.

Chinese Singles Day falling on November 11 and originated in the United States Black friday these are the two largest annual sales that attract hundreds of millions of bargain seekers from around the world like a magnet. In just two hours from the start of the sale, the Alibaba Group announced that the value of items sold exceeded … $ 18 billion. In the first 8 minutes of selling, the number of purchase transactions concluded was every second 544,000.

All indicates that this year's sales results will be even better for stores than last year. Literally an hour ago, the value of items sold on AliExpress reached the astronomical amount of $ 25 billion, and everything indicates that last year's record of $ 30 billion will be exceeded.

Alibaba Group representatives predict that it will participate in the sales from 400 to 500 million people from around the world. The yearly increase in sales profits, however, is certainly adversely affected by the trade war between the United States and China.

Chinese "anti-Valentine's Day" was initiated in 1993. This is an unofficial holiday of people staying outside the unions, which more and more companies use to drive sales – targeting promotions mainly for young people. Shops outside China are also using the Chinese tradition. Sales can also be found in Polish stores, but the attractiveness of the offers usually leaves much to be desired.

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