SEGA Mega Drive and Atari 2600 in Lidl. We know when and for how much

lidl atari 2600 sega mega drive

Oh, and these are interesting offers!

If you've read my previous entries on various retro console models (lately C64 Maxi), you certainly know that I am rather negative about them. She drew my attention, however Lidl's latest promotion, under which new versions of consoles go on sale Sega Mega Drive Mini and … Atari 2600. The reason is their really attractive prices and the positive reviews that accompany them.

Sega Mega Drive in Lidl – December 9

Rumors about the debut of the Sega Mega Drive Mini console in Lidl have been circulating in the network for several days. Only now it has been finally confirmed which of the console remakes will hit store shelves. It turns out that it will be licensed AtGames Mega Drive Flashback HD, not the official Sega Mega Drive Mini. Is this bad news? Not necessarily!

lidl atari 2600 sega mega drive 1

If you like the channel, then you have certainly seen the review of the "lidl" console placed there a year ago. If not, watch it.

Sega Mega Drive Flashback HD is sold with two wireless controllers, but the console itself has connectors for original controllers. Unlike the Sega Mega Drive Mini, it has a connector for original cartridges! In addition, it offers you a game base in the form of 45 basic versions and several dozen variations on them. It can really be a better purchase than buying an official Sony product.

The price of Sega Mega Drive Flashback HD is usd 299.

Atari 2600 in Lidl – December 9

The good Atari 2600 in the new version will also be available for sale. 110 games will be sold on board, and two iconic joysticks will be included in the set. Expect Pac-Man, Pitfall, Frogger and other iconic titles among the titles. The console looks like the original Atari 2600 and will certainly reminisce the end of the 20th century.

lidl atari 2600 sega mega drive 2

Atari 2600 in Lidl will be sold for usd 299.