See the development version of the PlayStation 5 console in full glory

Playstation-5-devkit photo-

More photos appeared.

PlayStation 5 will premiere in almost a year. We still do not know the final appearance of the console or its market price. It is also difficult to determine what start titles Sony will show off for the new generation. However, information is appearing on the web that allows you to fill the void with no official statements by the manufacturer.

You probably associate graphics presenting the development version of the PlayStation 5. It began with the discovery of the patent, and then the editors of LetsGoDigital made unique graphics on its basis. We didn't have to wait long for someone to confirm the appearance of devkit through publication of a real photo of the device. However, this still did not satisfy the players.

Only now can we confidently say that "we have seen the development version of the PlayStation 5 console". On Twitter of @Alcoholikaust appeared a picture of an anonymous stand with two well-known devices. The graphics confirm all previous reports. However, this is not all.

Internet users also think that the shot also shows DualShock 5 characterized by the lack of light panel and USB-C socket. Based on the average quality photo, it is difficult to say it clearly, so we will refrain from expressing our opinion. Perhaps in the coming months we will see even more accurate presentations of devkit and controller.

Source: Twitter