Seaport – fleet management can relax (review)


A nice simulation game for smartphones.

Simulation and strategy games have always had a large group of fans. Developing civilization, building cities, managing the army, etc. – titles of this type provide relatively leisurely entertainment for a long time. On the computer, having a mouse and keyboard on hand, players easily orient themselves in even the most complex productions. It looks different on smartphones, where the simulation game cannot be overwhelmed by the mechanism and the difficult to use interface.

Seaport – a relaxing seaport simulator

Price: usd 0 / Contains ads / Contains ads / Enables in-app purchases / In-app products: 5.59 usd – 769.99 usd per item / Android: 4.4 and newer
Seaport "width =" 128 "height =" 128These conditions are met by the Seaport mobile game. As the name suggests, our task is to manage the seaport. We are expanding infrastructure, acquiring raw materials, buying and improving ships. We send the fleet to various corners to fulfill tasks, earn funds for port expansion, etc.

From the very beginning, diligence in performance comes to the fore. The graphic design is pleasing to the eye, the game works very smoothly, and the interface is very intuitive. Buttons and other interactive elements are adapted to the screens of smartphones, so you do not have to "aim" your finger at unnaturally small elements. The game mechanics are not excessively complicated and much closer to relaxing simulations than the extensive strategic title.

Seaport scr 1
All activities performed in Seaport take a certain time. Over time, as you grow, improving buildings and sending ships on long journeys will take longer. Of course, there were micropayments that allow you to speed up the game.

Seaport is a very interesting production. Fans of relatively simple simulation games will find a great way to spend short and long breaks pleasantly here. For lovers of complex strategies that require many decisions, this title will be too easy.

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