Savings! Polish ZUS transfers to Linux

ZUS Linux


Happens. Public institutions in Poland use the lion's share of computers with the Windows operating system. This trend will try to change the Social Insurance Institution, which under the agreement just signed with Linux Poland will switch to the use of devices with Linux. ZUS focused on open source software in the form of the popular Red Hat distribution.

Linux Poland informs about the case in its announcement in which, on the occasion of the announcement of the agreement on the provision of an integrated server virtualization solution, it informs that it will also provide a 3-year 24/7 technical support service. The solution will include Red Hat Virtualization, Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

"We are glad that ZUS chose our offer and decided to develop IT systems based on stable, efficient and secure open source solutions, which offer significant business benefits. The combination of open virtualization and management solutions into one integrated platform will facilitate the delivery of efficient and stable services , thanks to which ZUS will be able to focus on increasing the quality of services for its clients ", comments Grzegorz Sułkowski, vice president of the board of Linux Polska.

The newly signed contract will allow ZUS optimize operating costs, improve security and computer performance. Thanks to the integrated virtualization platform and high availability cluster, it will be possible to automate, among others automating the process of detecting and eliminating threats, as well as simplified server management from a central point.

We hope that Linux will also go to other public institutions and will significantly reduce their operating costs.

Source: Linux Poland