Sapkowski achieved another success. I am happy that it should be with you too


Sapkowski finally appreciated.

I wonder what is happening now in the mind of Andrzej Sapkowski, the creator of the Witcher universe. Let's arrange: initially only fantasy lovers and rather few book readers knew about his books and stories. Along with the sale of the rights to create computer games CD Project RED and with their considerable success, more people from all over the world became interested in Sapkowski's books. Of course the biggest "Hype" on the work of the Polish writer accompanied the premiere of The Witcher 3. However, it seems that it was only the series The Witcher by Netflix that began a real frenzy for reading The Witcher.

Through the Witcher series in the game The Witcher 3 is currently playing more people on Steam alonethan after its premiere in 2015. On the occasion of the premiere of Netflix's production, Sapkowski's books became the bestseller of the Amazon store. Now the Pole's success has become evident in the prestigious bestseller list of The New York Times. A collection of stories entitled "Last wish" is currently in the fourth place of the most-bought and read books. Suffice it to say that the adventures of Geralt of Rivia are the only novelty on the list.

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If somehow among you there are people who have not yet familiarized themselves with creativity at times quite conceited and self-righteous, but without a doubt talented writer, you should definitely catch up. Many are wondering in which order to read The Witcher – books and stories? I will tell you:

1. "The Way One Does Not Return" (story)
2. "Grain of truth" (story)
3. "Lesser evil" (story)
4. "Edge of the World" (short story)
5. "Last Wish" (story)
6. "Season of Storms" (novel)
7. "Price issue" (story)
8. "The Witcher" (short story)
9. "Voice of Reason" (short story)
10. "Limits of possibilities" (story)
11. "Crumb of Ice" (story)
12. "Eternal fire" (story)
13. "A little sacrifice" (story)
14. "Sword of Destiny" (story)
15. "Something more" (story)
16. "Blood of the Elves" (novel)
17. "Time of Contempt" (Novel)
18. "Baptism of fire" (novel)
19. "Swallow Tower" (novel)
20. "Lady of the Lake" (novel)

Don't thank me.

I rate the Netflix production series highly, although it does not match the complexity of what you can read on the pages of the books. Watch it yourself and form your own opinion about it. If you don't have Netflix, don't be afraid because The Witcher series for free you can also watch at this address. This is of course Polish production from 2002, but if you do not want to read books and pay Netflix at all costs …

Finally, I have to say that somehow I am so happy inside Andrzej Sapkowski got along with CD Projekt RED regarding money for selling the Witcher rights. It can be said that without believing in the success of "stupid games" (as he said about them) and taking money from "REDs" in advance, instead of agreeing to some of the shares, he prepared his fate himself, but … tell yourself The Witcher lovers, wasn't that a little bigger money Sapkowski so humanly? It was also he who finally provided millions of people around the world with great entertainment.