Samsung: "We can create a double-folded smartphone, but the world is not ready for it"

samsung folded 1

Full agreement.

The Korean manufacturer has taken the development of folded smartphones seriously. Samsung has already presented two such devices – Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. It is not surprising that the company's management regularly receives questions regarding the vision of the future regarding the development of this type of equipment. Especially since some of the manufacturer's patents point to rather futuristic plans.

Tae Moon Roh, head of Samsung's mobile department, revealed a hint of secrecy when it comes to … double-folded phones:

"We are able to design smartphones that will fold several times. We think, however, that the practical value that our devices offer consumers is more important than the mere fact of this possibility. "

He also added:

"It's also important to have the right ecosystem to adapt content to more foldable variants. We can release new folded smartphones only when there is a transparent and coherent ecosystem on the existing ones. "

In this case, Samsung should be right. A smartphone folded twice – or even three times – is currently unnecessary. Bah! Current devices such as Galaxy Folda or Galaxy Z Flip meet with extreme opinions suggesting that the world is not yet ready for this type of innovation.

All this remains in the sphere of dreams. Who knows, maybe someday we will see a device that fits in a pocket, which when unfolded will be the size of a 15-inch laptop.

Source: Gizmochina