Samsung joins forces with Google. Everything for folding phones


It's about everyday use.

Samsung made the folded smartphone Galaxy Fold available to the first customers in South Korea a few days ago – other markets will only see this flagship in a few weeks. In connection with the premiere of the aforementioned device, Koreans announced that they have recently cooperated very closely with Google and the developers themselves. What is the issue? First of all, both brands tried to provide the best possible experience and comfort of using the application on a folding screen. Android 10, the latest mobile operating system from Google will also support folding devices by default.

With the presentation of the folding Infinity Flex Display last year, Samsung has created special test laboratories with Googlethat have also been made available to third parties. All this in order to check on a regular basis whether both services and individual applications are properly optimized in terms of the folded smartphone and the Android mobile platform.

Google also decided to adding specific changes to Android 10 – they are to improve the general use of Galaxy Fold. More specifically, it is about the ability to change the size of the window faster, as well as the updated Android emulator, which is supposed to help in switching between different image display modes. According to Samsung, currently dozens of applications support the folded smartphone Galaxy Fold. Among them were such titles as Facebook, Messenger, VSCO, Spotify, Twitter or even Amazon and Amazon Prime Video. Thanks to features such as App Continuity and Multi-Active Windows users will be able to view each of them as well as perform many tasks at the same time.

Looking at the whole situation, it can be said that Samsung Galaxy Fold has it set an example to other foldable smartphones that will be in the coming months and years will appear on the market. It is very likely that other producers will be inspired by Korean ideas in this matter.

Source: Samsung