Samsung is surprising. A cheaper foldable smartphone is being prepared

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The premiere is already at the beginning of next year.

Samsung was about to present the first Galaxy Fold to the world. The device of the Koreans was greatly improved, and the premiere itself was postponed by several months. Even before the official introduction of the device to stores on the network, rumors began to appear about its possible successor. It turns out that they are coming back again. The Korean company is currently working on the successor to the Galaxy Fold model. The second generation of the smartphone according to leaks would debut back in April 2020. However, this information is not the most interesting. The source of the leak reports that the second Samsung foldable smartphone would be cheaper than its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be equipped with a screen with a smaller diagonal compared to the first generation – hardware it will look more like flip phones than regular folding smartphones. ETNews reports, however, that Samsung could decide on the next change, which will introduce to the display of its second, foldable smartphone. The screen protection layer would use ultra-thin glass instead of the current polymide. This gives hope for greater resistance not only to scratches, but also comfortable everyday use.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 would also be cheaper. The final price of the device could be set at around $ 1,500, which is calculated in usd gives about 5800 zlotys (the regular version of Galaxy Fold was priced at usd 9,000). The Korean manufacturer would also reduce the amount of memory on its smartphone from 512 to 256 GB.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is developed under the code name Bloom. If the rumors are confirmed, we will probably hear more about this equipment at the beginning of the year. You can also expect, as it is with Samsung, that more details about this device will start to enter the network.

Source: TechRadar