Samsung Galaxy Fold – does a foldable smartphone make sense? We checked it out! [pierwsze wrażenia]

09/10/2019 121713

Fold in our hands.

Galaxy Fold is one of the most unique smartphones available on the market. Official sales in Poland will start October 18, 2019

Yesterday I had the opportunity to test this latest smartphone from Samsung for several dozen minutes. It is true that these few moments are definitely too short for a full review, but long enough to check the equipment and share my insights with you.

09/10/2019 120133

For many, the first association when seeing the Galaxy Fold is the Nokia E90 Communicator, because both models are "connected" by a folded construction – although the word "connects" is a bit exaggerated … Looking at the device of the Korean manufacturer, having a slightly oblong shape, with silver finishes giving it extraordinary elegance , I still found the Vertu brand somewhere in the back of my head. I would like to remind those less aware that the British company Vertu was active in the so-called in the segment of luxury smartphones, it manufactured quite exclusive hand-made phones sold at very high prices.

09/10/2019 120236

The foldable design, which has a flexible display, arouses great interest from the very beginning. Let's assume that the correct (improved) version of Galaxy Fold debuts only now, and thus skip the false start that the device recorded in April this year.

Galaxy Fold has good ergonomics, weighs about 276g (for comparison, the S10 about 157g). The phone lies well in your hand, you feel that we have a piece of cool equipment in hand. Privately, I am already tired of successively lighter and thinner smartphones – maybe that's why I love the capacity of this device. The manufacturer has installed two batteries with a total value of 4380mAh, whose additional task – in addition to providing energy – is to properly balance the phone. The product is equipped with wireless charging technology and sharing of its energy resources.

09/10/2019 120332

Looking at the foldable, flexible display, I could think of a black x-ray. I realize that the screen in Fold was made of completely different, incomparably advanced materials, but the flexibility and black slippery structure caused me such a combination. In the photo you can see a trace at the bend of the smartphone.

09/10/2019 120 425

If a colored image appears on the display, this trace is less noticeable. According to the manufacturer, Galxy Fold underwent a test of 200,000 bends, which gives an average of 100 openings / closures per day for a period of 5 years – impressive!

Unfortunately, we won't find a 3.5 mm audio jack connector, but fortunately the manufacturer has included his Buds wireless headphones. Onboard the smartphone hosts Android 9.0 Pie, supported by monstrous 12 GB RAM and 512 GB ROM.

Samsung has accustomed its users that each new device is equipped with water / dust protection. The more surprising is the lack of any IP standard in the Fold model. The phone has as many as six cameras – below is a photo taken with its main back camera.

09/10/2019 120725

A big plus of the phone is the AMOLED display. Given the compatibility with HDR10 + technology, the user with the help of Fold has the opportunity to feel very good visual experience during movie screenings, e.g. due to Netflix. Although, given the high price of the product, I am a little unbelievable that there will be users who are ready to buy this amazing smartphone in order to only watch content from VOD services.

09/10/2019 120808

During the first configuration of the device, the consumer will have to approve the conditions of use of the equipment, i.e. read the instructions. This is to help customers avoid unintentional damage to the phone, but also to protect the manufacturer against unjustified complaints (improper use of equipment). Galaxy Fold should be stored at a distance, e.g. from payment cards, because the smartphone uses magnets that support the mechanism responsible for its closing.

An interesting solution is the so-called continuing to use the application on the front screen. While browsing the content on a large display (unfolded smartphone), we have the option (in the selected applications settings) after folding the phone to automatically transfer (clone) the material to a smaller screen on the front of the device.

09/10/2019 120910

Everyone willing to buy a new Samsung work must take into account the expense of usd 9,000. The product can be ordered online and in selected stores, e.g. Brand Store, Orange. Interestingly, the receipt of Galaxy Fold by a potential consumer will have to take place in one of the designated sales outlets. The salon employee is required to demonstrate the equipment's capabilities before issuing the telephone. It is hard to resist the impression that these activities may resemble a little training for clients, and their purpose is to ensure the safe use of Galaxy Fold and protection against accidental damage.

09/10/2019 121056

Many probably ask themselves how many devices Samsung will sell in Poland, and actually "who needs it". Personally, I think there is a large group of people who want to have Fold in their pocket. In Poland, the demand for the so-called luxury products. If there is a sales target in our country for expensive watches, e.g. Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, IWC, why would not sell a smartphone for usd 9,000 (I would like to remind iPhone 11 Pro 512GB is an expense of usd 7,499).

Goods of this type are no longer about the typical satisfaction of consumer needs, but about providing something more – elitism, prestige. In addition, it should be remembered that currently the customer is no longer guided by the specific purpose of the product, but the prevailing fashion / trend. I also believe that Samsung in the current situation, i.e. Huawei problems, did the right thing now by introducing a phone with a flexible folding display.

The Korean manufacturer is still number one on the global market (also in Poland) in the smartphone sales segment, and the leader is expected to have some innovation and vision. I realize that for an ordinary user Fold will be affordable out of reach. However, each new technology (the first mobile phones, flat TVs) have debuted at high prices over the past few years to become more and more within the reach of a growing group of consumers.
Will this also happen with Galaxy Fold? Time will tell.