Samsung and LG want to turn our smartphones into laptops

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The idea is simple.

The idea of ​​using a smartphone as one device that could imitate a full-fledged computer has been behind many companies for a very long time. Samsung is very much promoting its DeX solution, however, recent reports indicate that Koreans may be looking for something completely different. Similarly in the case of LG. Both brands are to develop mobile displays without keyboards, which after connecting wirelessly to the smartphone would become a kind of computer replacement.

Equipment operating in the manner described above would belong to the new "Cloud Top" segment. This is nothing new. Similar ideas could be observed many years ago – one of them is even Motorola Atrix LapDock. Samsung and LG want to use good quality monitors that will only be equipped with batteries that allow them to work away from the socket. And … basically enough. An accessory that can be connected to a smartphone will not have its own computing power. The smartphone in this case will work as a portable, external display turning into a keyboard and touchpad.


Korean media point out that Samsung is already preparing the first equipment of this type. It has been designated as Dexbook. The display proposed by the manufacturer is to have a diagonal of 14.1 inches (as much as very popular business laptops) and will present the image in full HD quality. The unnamed version of the LG accessory will have similar parameters. Samsung equipment will benefit from 10,000 mAh battery while the screen from LG will be equipped with 5000 mAh battery. It is not known how much time you can work on one charge in this way.

The most important factor responsible for the popularity of this type of idea will of course be the price. Wireless smartphone screens from Samsung and LG are expected to cost around $ 350 per head. In usd terms so it gives about 1350 usd.

We will probably know more details about Cloud Top soon.

Source: SlashGear