Russia. Rocket explosion at a training ground. Possible radiation increase


As a result of a rocket explosion at the naval training ground, two people lost their lives and six were injured. Although Russia officially denies it, it is possible that radiation increases.

The exact location of the explosion has not been disclosed. According to the BBC, the tragedy occurred near the village of Nienoksa, where the training ground is located. Among the victims are military and civilians. Russian services deny that harmful substances have entered the air.

In turn, Reuters reports that part of the White Sea has been excluded from navigation for the next month – he quotes the “Wyborcza” agency. In addition, on the website of the city of Severodvinsk, located near the training ground, a warning was issued to residents due to the short-term increase in radiation noticed by the sensors.

On Monday there was a fire in a military unit in the Azyń region of the Krasnoyarsk Krai in Siberia. As a result of explosions, fragments of ammunition flew up to 15 km, in connection with which four locations were evacuated.