Russia has effectively cut off from the Internet! Revolution in 2021

Russia cut off from the internet 2021

And big changes already in 2020.

As before I announced, Russians were cut off from the global Internet for one day last Monday. Russian network traffic on December 23 was directed to special points designated by Roskomnadzor (Federal Office for Communications Supervision, Information Technology and Media). Goal? Testing the internal Internet called Runet. Results? According to Russian officials, excellent.

Deputy Minister of Communications Alexei Sokolov commented on the results of the Monday test in an interview with the press: "it turned out that both the authorities and telecommunications operators are ready to effectively respond to potential risks and threats and ensure the independent functioning of the Internet and a unified telecommunications network in Russia." I remind you that while critics accuse Russia of wanting to control network traffic and full surveillance of citizens, the Russian government claims that Runet is being created for security reasons.

By creating an independent Internet, Russia wants to prevent foreign forces from conducting cyber attacks and conducting political war in social media, including through the so-called "troll farms", of which the Russians have been more than once accused. On Monday, 18 different external attack scenarios were tested. Runet allegedly dealt with each of them.

Russia will be cut off from the global Internet in 2021

In November I informed you that Russia will ban sales of devices without Russian software as early as July 2020. According to the latest reports, Russia will be disconnected from the global network as early as 2021, when Runet will become fully functional. In addition, the Russian government has announced an investment of $ 31 million in creating its own version of Wikipedia. It is said that "the historian writes history." It seems that the Russians want to do everything to write it their own way and not let the citizens of their country learn the "other truth" than the "only right".