RTV subscription in 2020. You will pay more than for Netflix!


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New RTV subscription rates for 2020 have been revealed. There has been a lot of talk about this tribute in recent months – both in relation to penalties imposed for non-paymentas well as in context its total abolition. As always, it ended on promises, and the radio and television subscription must continue to be paid. How much will we pay for the RTV subscription in 2020 and what penalties are there for not paying it?

RTV 2020 subscription – amount

The RTV subscription has not been canceled. Instead, Poczta Polska has announced a new price list for the RTV subscription for 2020. The rates are usd 22.70 per month for a television and radio receiver, with the rate for the radio receiver alone being usd 7. This means that the annual fee is usd 84 for radio and usd 272.40 for radio and television. Don't you watch public television? It is difficult, you have to pay. Do you have a TV where you only play games and watch Netflix? You have to pay. We live in such a country.

The RTV subscription for 2020 costs almost as much as the annual Netflix fee in the basic variant. In the case of the preferred account sharing by the lion's share of users, this fee is even several times lower. Does television managed by Jacek Kurski provide the same valuable "content"? Each of you must answer this question in person.

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PS You pay only for the registered receiver. If you don't register it … you don't have a problem. Will the government ever introduce an obligation to register the receiver at the stage of its purchase in the store? May I never live to see these times.

RTV 2020 subscription – discounts

If you pay the receiver for 2020 for 12 months in advance by January 25 this year, you can count on a 10% discount. The same discount can be received each month by paying in advance to the 25th day of the first month of the billing period.

Discounts for payment for the radio receiver including the discount for a period longer than 1 month are:

2 months – usd 13.60
3 months – usd 20.15
4 months – 27.15 usd
5 months – usd 33.75
6 months – 39.90 usd
7 months – 46.90 usd
8 months – 53.50 with
9 months – 60.05 usd
10 months – usd 67.05
11 months – 73.65 usd
12 months – 75.60 usd

Discounts for payment for a television or television and radio receiver including a discount for a period longer than 1 month are:

2 months – 44.05 usd
3 months – 65.35 usd
4 months – 88.05 usd
5 months – usd 109.40
6 months – 129.40 usd
7 months – 152.10 usd
8 months – usd 173.45
9 months – usd 194.75
10 months – usd 217.45
11 months – usd 238.80
12 months (year) – usd 245.15

RTV 2020 subscription – who doesn't have to pay?

The following persons are exempt from paying RTV subscription:

  • over 75 years of age (no application required)
  • war or military invalids
  • persons from the 1st disability group
  • persons over 60 years of age with the right to an old-age pension in an amount not exceeding 50% of the average salary

RTV 2020 subscription – what are the penalties for non-payment?

If an authorized employee of Poczta Polska discovers an unpaid receiver in the apartment during the inspection, his owner is threatened with a penalty of 30 times the monthly subscription. I am talking about usd 681.

Tax evaders must be careful. The Treasury has the right to demand a subscription up to five years back. You can pay up to approx. usd 1,500 with interest once, including interest.

How to avoid the control of Poczta Polska?

It's very simple: just don't let the controller into your home. If you do not watch public television and do not intend to pay for what is currently being made there, I highly recommend adopting this position.

Source: Polish Post