Robots Boston Dynamics: Spot went on sale, and Atlas became a gymnast


The works of Boston Dynamics do not cease to amaze.

Robots can take power over the world only a matter of time. These machines are constantly being developed, which is exemplified by Boston Dynamics robots. This yesterday was not enough that she showed what new tricks she can do humanoid Atlas, she announced release for sale a robot dog called Spot.

Just a few years ago Atlas had problems with maintaining balance or moving on a rocky surface, and now it can … perform acrobatics like a real gymnast. A year ago, Boston Dynamics showed for the first time that Atlas can be really agile, and now it has proved again. Robot is not afraid of upheaval, stand on his hands or 360-degree jumps in the jump. See for yourself:

Although Atlas before he was able to perform single somersaults whether to overcome obstacle courses, he has never performed entire acrobatic sequences. This shows that the robot is constantly being improved. This will make it more reliable when implementing its potential applications. At the moment, however, Atlas has not been commercialized, which cannot be said about another Boston Dynamics robot – Spot.

Spot is a four-legged robot, which looks and behaves very much like a dog. As we can learn from the latest video about the machine, Spot uses 360-degree cameras and sensors that allow it to move independently on various types of terrain, even stairs, at speeds of up to 5 kilometers per hour. If the robot loses its balance and falls over, it can stand back on its own.

The spot is equipped with a replaceable battery, which allows it to work for 90 minutes. In addition, the machine was marked with an IP54 certificate – quite good, but at the same time proving that Spot is not completely protected against dust, and especially against water. It would be better if you didn't throw him into the pool.

Although Spot is a less advanced robot than Atlas, it looks like it's more polished. That's why Boston Dynamics has just decided to launch it. Nevertheless, not everyone will be able to order such a robot for now.

Currently, Spot is offered only to enterprises and to enterprises from "Selected industries" (construction, mining and public safety) that will be able to properly use the robot. What's more, although Boston Dynamics wants to release as many as 1,000 spots on the market over time, only 20 units are ready for sale at the moment.

As you can see, only a few will be able to test the spot on their own in the near future. We hope it will change someday. The price of the robot is not known yetbut we suspect that it is very, very high. Finally, we are talking about incredibly advanced technology.

Source: Boston Dynamics