Real price reductions during Black Friday in Poland were given

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They are ridiculously low.

The great madness associated with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday is behind us. While sellers are counting their profits, some consumers are wondering if they actually spent their money well. Unfortunately, in Poland it is very common practice to raise prices just before sales in such a way that the offers with discounts look as attractive as possible. The amount of reductions was examined by Deloitte and …

We have bad news – in Poland Black Friday is rather Black "Frajer"

In the study "Christmas Shopping 2019" published by the analytical company Deloitte we can read that actual average price reductions during this year's Black Friday in Poland amounted to only 4%. Despite this, Poles were one of the most active consumers in Europe when it comes to shopping – as many as three out of four respondents declared that they plan to do black Friday shopping.

Agnieszka Szapiel from Deloitte draws attention to the trend popular in Poland, which turned one day of sales into their whole weeks called Black Weeks. Stores in this way obviously want to maximize profits, but you can forget about real, large promotions. The study analyzed over 400 products from over 1,000 online stores and found that price differences were ridiculously low. The amount needed to purchase goods decreased in 51% of the analyzed products.

In fact, it's even worse than it sounds

"Between Friday, November 22 and Friday, November 29, or Black Friday, the difference in reduced prices of the analyzed product categories was on average 4 percent. Last year it was 3.5 percent and two years ago 1.3 percent. At the same time the average price increase was 3 percent, so we can say that in fact on Black Friday the value of the examined basket of products decreased by only 1 percent ", says Agnieszka Szapiel.

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Most often sellers overestimated … computer games. No wonder – players often buy them "in store", tempted by an attractive price. Another issue is whether they will ever play them.

The analysis of 9300 product prices led to interesting conclusions. As many as 67% of them did not differ in price compared to November 22. 18% of goods fell and 15% increased. The biggest differences were visible in the case of games and perfumes. Large price spreads occurred in the case of electronic accessories (approx. 150%), construction toys (107%) and board games (106%). Interestingly, as much as 41% of the prices of goods increased compared to last year's Black Friday in Poland.

Cyber ​​Monday was not kinder to consumers – the average price drop on Monday was … 2%. Same as average price increase.

Source: Deloitte