RDR 2 on PC will take up a lot of disk space? Then take a look at the new Call of Duty

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare disk requirements


Hardware requirements of Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC made a big impression on many people. However, it was not about any demanding requirements related to the processor, graphics card or RAM. The case seems quite trivial: RDR 2 after installation will take up to 150 GB of data space. A lot? Yes, but the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare needs a lot more.

Final Fantasy XV on the PC required 148 GB of free disk space. RDR 2 – you already know – 150 GB. It looks like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be able to boast of really detailed textures as it has been reported that the game will require as much as 175 GB of free space for files! This result has never been seen before, which has already been officially confirmed on the Battle.net platform.

I do not know how big hard drives and SSDs you are currently using, but I remember very well the times when my 3.2 GB disk was not only for the system, but also for all games. I currently have SSD with a capacity of 120 GB and 500 GB, as well as HDD with a total capacity of 750 GB. For now it is "nothing". I am afraid that after the premiere of the new generation of consoles we will all have to change to drives with a much larger capacity. Game discs on PlayStation 5, which will debut in the winter of 2020, are intended to contain productions up to 100 GB. PC games will definitely be even more extensive, so …

Source: Battle.net