Ranking of mobile internet providers. Orange is coming back to the top

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Changes in the lead.

We got to know the December results of the largest Polish measuring platform SpeedTest.pl. The data was compiled on the basis of 2.64 million tests.

The latest ranking prepared on the basis of the results of tests carried out by users of our mobile applications shows that the fastest mobile internet in Poland provides Orange. Shuffling on the podium results from a decrease in the average speed of downloading data on the network T-Mobile from 25.07 Mbit / s to 21.80 Mbit / s. Average download speeds in Orange networks (1st place, 23.19 Mbit / s) and Play (2nd place, 22.77 Mbit / s) also slightly decreased. In turn Plus, which is in the last position, slightly accelerated and with the result of 19.74 Mbit / s approaches the other operators.

In the ranking, not including the results of tests made in national roaming, it also leads Play this time.

2020-01-15 091202
Ranking of mobile internet providers on the phone (without national roaming) for the period from 1/12/2019 to 31/12/2019

The fastest internet LTE also provides Orange.

The LTE ranking is very similar to the 3G / 4G mixed combination. The main differences boil down to better download speeds. In the case of 4G networks, we also see a decrease in the average data download speed. Therefore, Orange comes first with a result of over 25 Mbit / s. Further places on the podium belong to Play (25.2 Mbit / s) and T-Mobile (24.7 Mbit / s). In turn, Plus with a result close to 22 Mbit / s is in 4th place.

2020-01-15 091337
Ranking of mobile LTE internet providers (with national roaming) for the period of 1/12/2019 – 31/12/2019

INEA is the fastest operator in the overall ranking

The overall ranking is based on tests carried out using the web application. Measurements made in December show that customers of all the fastest Internet providers have noticed a decrease in the download speed of several percent. However, this did not translate into the positions of individual operators at the top of the ranking. The fastest internet is available to customers of the Wielkopolska operator INEA (close to 134 Mbit / s). In turn, the second place belongs to the Toya network, whose customers downloaded data at an average speed of about 117 Mbit / s. Third place with a result of around 113 Mbit / s belongs to UPC. Outside the podium is Vectra with a result of less than 88 Mbit / s.

2020-01-15 091549
Overall ranking for the period from 1/12/2019 to 31/12/2019

Source: SpeedTest.pl