Quite a mess. The EU wants to force producers to develop a common charger


One to charge everything.

Once again the topic of unification of chargers for smartphones and other electronic gadgets returns. The first project appeared in the European Parliament back in 2014, but the adaptation of new standards is too slow.

Until now, the European Commission only encouraged the industry to adopt a uniform standard. Unfortunately, voluntary the producers' agreements have not had the intended effect. We are in 2020 and the European market is still a mess on the charger market. Among the devices with Android the connector reigns USB-C, but there are still devices with old ones microUSB. On the other side of the barricade is Apple with its standard Lightning.

Today (13 January 2020) a statement will be issued in Strasbourg that will precede the debate in the European Parliament. Officials will seek to adopt a resolution. Ultimately, the EC would like a universal charger (we are talking about the connector) to power mobile phones, tablets, book readers and other portable devices.

It seems that the most reasonable direction will be USB-C as the universal standard. In this situation, Apple will be the most affected by the new EU requirements. The American company stubbornly sticks to its Lightning standard, although some devices already have USB-C (e.g. iPad Pro).

According to the EU, harmonizing the issue of chargers will bring measurable benefits by reducing the amount of electro-waste. The problem is considerable because every year it comes over 51 thousand tons of waste electronic devices from old chargers.

Source: EC