PureVPN is much better than you think – I checked it


A practical VPN.

We continue our series of tests of VPN services. We promote this type of solution as the best way to preserve privacy and anonymity on the web at a time when information about Internet users is nothing but a valuable commodity for hundreds of thousands of companies around the world. VPNs are also a great way to access content not available in Poland – just the extended offer of the Netflix platform in the US. Or maybe you like traveling? Many services of this type will help bypass censorship and local restrictions.

PureVPN is a VPN service provider based in Hong Kong – a country that does not have rules regarding how data is stored by these types of companies. When reading the privacy policy, a trained eye will quickly notice a mention about logs: "we do not store any logs that could identify or help monitor user activity". An audit carried out by Altius IT confirmed it once.

Pure VPN offers the possibility of using just over 2,000 own deployed servers in over 180 locations in around 140 countries around the world. The most servers are in Europe (769), North America (656) and Asia (309). There were servers in Africa (150), Oceania (93), South America (81) and Central America (12).

purevpn 2

Users of PureVPN may feel safe while browsing network resources. The applications use 256-bit encryption in combination with 2048-bit RSA keys for authentication. As in the VPNs we tested earlier, users can choose between the OpenVPN, L2TP / IPSec, PPTP, SSTP and IKEv2 encryption protocols.

PureVPN – prices and availability

PureVPN can be used under several different subscription plans. Basic costs $ 10.95 (approx. 43 usd) for monthly access to the service. By choosing the annual plan you will receive a 47% discount, thus paying $ 5.83 a month. By paying the 2-year plan in advance, the user gets a 70% discount and pays USD 3.33 (about usd 13) for a month of using the service. As with other VPNs, you can pay not only by card or PayPal, but, among others, also using cryptocurrencies. Nothing prevents you from using the 7-day free trial period for your mobile application.

purevpn price

When making payments, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the 31-day refund period in the event of dissatisfaction with the service does not apply to people paying with cryptocurrencies.

PureVPN applications are available in versions for Windows, mac OS, Android, iOS, as well as plugins for Chrome and Firefox, as a plugin for Kodi, and even on Android TV and routers.

A slight downside is the lack of an application interface in Polish and the lack of a website in Polish.

PureVPN – what can it do?

Using PureVPN you can be logged in simultaneously on 5 different devices. App developers promise that it allows you to unlock Netflix and bypass the Great Chinese Firewall. While I verified the first assurance positively, I did not have the second opportunity – forgive me. PureVPN also works well with P2P networks, which will please torrents lovers.

Among the useful features is even the mandatory Kill Switch, which will automatically terminate the Internet connection when the VPN tunnel for some reason stops working. This function must be turned on manually because it is turned off by default. Using the desktop application, you can configure split tunneling and specify which applications will automatically use the VPN connection and which will not.

purevpn 4

Before connecting to the network – in the case of both mobile and desktop apps – it is worth specifying the type of activity that we will indulge in. You can choose from several options on the list that will allow you to tailor the VPN to your individual needs. PureVPN offers dedicated Stream, Internet Freedom, Securiy / Privacy, File-Sharing and Dedicated IP modes. Dedicated IP addresses are rare in the world of VPNs and will facilitate the use of the network for many people. For these you have to pay an additional $ 0.99 a month. An additional paid feature is port forwarding – the price of the service is also $ 0.99 per month.

purevpn 3

The applications work without any problems, they are quite light and transparent. However, I had a problem with connecting correctly while using the Huawei P30 Pro smartphone. For unknown reasons, the message asking to add a VPN connection to the system could be canceled, but it could not be confirmed. This problem did not occur in any of the previously tested VPNs. The problem resolved when I installed the tool on the Moto G8 Power smartphone I was testing.

I checked and confirmed: no IP, WebRTC or DNS addresses are leaking when using PureVPN. I conducted tests using several different websites from ipleak.org at the forefront – each time with the same results.

PureVPN – performance

Connection speeds offered by PureVPN are at a high level. The obvious thing is that the further away from you is the server you are connecting to, the greater the decreases in transfer speed and the increase in delay you will experience. As a standard, as in all previous tests of VPN services, I have already measured the connection without VPN, as well as when connecting through servers in Poland, Great Britain and the United States. Unfortunately, I could not choose the city to which I connect, only the state. I made separate measurements for desktop (5 GHz) and mobile (2.4 GHz) applications via Speedtest.net.

PureVPN – transfers in the desktop application (download / upload / ping):

95.41 Mb / s / 35.21 Mb / s / 22 ms – without VPN
84.82 Mb / s / 34.29 Mb / s / 34 ms – Poland
87.85 Mb / s / 20.62 Mb / s / 90 ms – United Kingdom
31.18 Mb / s / 0.73 Mb / s / 375 ms – USA

PureVPN – transfers in the mobile application (download / upload / ping):

32 Mb / s / 41 Mb / s / 6 ms – without VPN
16.5 Mb / s / 29.14 Mb / s / 56 ms – Poland
22.7 Mb / s / 28.8 Mb / s / 79 ms – United Kingdom
9.79 Mb / s / 30.4 Mb / s / 218 ms – USA

It can be seen that the percentage drop in transfers after VPN activation is not significant. The results may differ depending on the time of day, and thus the load on individual servers. I did my tests in the evening, around 19:00 Polish time.

PureVPN – is it worth it?

PureVPN works efficiently even on 5 devices at once, while offering a simple interface and a practical kill switch function. The service provider assures about its policy of not storing logs, and connection security is guaranteed by modern protocols and encryption. PureVPN may not be the most extensive of VPNs available, but it basically offers everything that most Internet users could expect from a VPN.


+ slight decrease in speed with VPN connection
+ a large number of servers
+ the ability to unlock Netflix
+ kill switch
+ friendly TOR and P2P
+ split tunneling function
+ OpenVPN and IKEv2 / IPsec protocols
+ support for up to 5 devices at once


no page in Polish
it is not possible to select a specific server from a given country
problems with the Huawei smartphone's mobile application