Public USB chargers are not secure. Do you use them

public usb charger dangerous

This is juice jacking.

Public USB chargers are becoming increasingly common in Polish cities. They are present not only in shopping centers, but also at various stations and even in public transport. By connecting your device to a public charger, you risk getting your device infected each time. The Los Angeles District Prosecutor in the United States has issued an official warning against these charging points.

You probably know that The USB port is not only for charging, but also for transferring data. Security experts have already developed at least several different methods for infecting users of public charging points using this technology. The so-called. "juice jacking" was first presented at the Black Hat 2013 conference. Malware called Mactans was able to infect iOS devices through this type of charger.

Over the next years, more techniques of potential fraud were discovered, and so in 2016 one of the security experts – Samy Kamkar – created KeySweepera operating on the basis of a device using Arduino, similar to a charger. This kind of gadget cyber criminals could put anywhere public space and wait for unsuspecting victims. It was then that the FBI first began warning against publicly available USB chargers.

Some time ago, one of the talented programmers proved that malware can be closed even in … a USB cable. If you haven't heard of the O.MG Cable project yet, then you should see it now.

What to do and how to live in the face of these kinds of threats? First of all … consider buying a powerbank and not using public charging stations. Alternatively, use points that offer inductive charging or that allow you to charge not via the USB port, but directly through the AC adapter.

Have you ever used public chargers?

Source: ZDNet