Prohibit Facebook and Google from identifying your face in a few simple steps


The first step towards regaining privacy.

Recently, there is a lot of talk about the fact that Facebook and Google are able to identify users of their services on the basis of face photos. People using the solutions of the giants listed here sometimes do not even realize that they do not have to agree to some practices. One of them is the controversial technology that identifies us based on this form of biometrics. I will tell you not only how to turn it off, but I will also explain what you will lose on it.

First of all, you need to know that only face recognition in photos on Google and Facebook does not mean that your photos will not be used to train artificial intelligence, which face recognition is to deal with. Developers of applications such as Clearview they can still illegally download photos publicly available on the web and use them for their purposes. By sending them to the Internet yourself, you voluntarily agree to get rid of a piece of privacy.

Disabling face recognition on Facebook

The Facebook social network quite clearly informs about what it uses face recognition systems for. First of all, he does it to suggest tagging people in photos. This applies only to users over 18 years of age. The option is in theory turned off by default, although it was turned on for me despite the fact that I have never activated it.

You can turn this off by going to the settings menu. You can do this by clicking on the arrow in the upper right corner of Facebook and then selecting "Settings". Now on the left click on "Face Recognition", where you will be able to change the option from "Yes" to "No". Thanks to this, removing your face from tools that work automatically on Facebook.

facebook face recognition

Disabling face recognition in Google services

Face recognition in Google services is a bit more complex. Thanks to it, you can easily find, for example, your friends in the Google Photos service by entering their name. The Mountain View company retrieves data from various services, including Gmail. This is really a practical function if you want to search for photos of a specific person among many photos. In theory, the option is turned off by default, but – as in the case of Facebook – it was active for me.

You can turn off face recognition in Google by going to the service Google Photosand then clicking on "hamburger menu", i.e. three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen. There you should choose the option "Settings".

Google face recognition

You should now find the option "Group similar faces". If you don't see it, open the Google Photos app on your smartphone. Click on it and disable the option "Grouping by face". That's all.

Is it worth turning off face recognition on Google and Facebook?

The matter is controversial because in this way we make life a bit more difficult and deprive some of the comforts. It may be worth considering whether we are tearing our privacy in a much worse way elsewhere on the web. Is this type of activity worth starting elsewhere? Or, on the contrary, and disabling face recognition in Google and Facebook services is the first of many good steps towards regaining privacy on the web? Decide for yourself. If you want to be completely anonymous on the Internet then … it's best not to use the services of one company or the other. Nowadays, information is a commodity and it is data that is paid for free services.