Private data of thousands of women with sex cams leaked into the network


Addresses, identity cards …

Ladies working on various types of websites with sex cams usually take care of their privacy quite well. It sounds subversive and controversial, I know, but mostly they actually manage to maintain relative anonymity and avoid all sorts of stalkers and other dangerous individuals. More than 4,000 models of the PussyCash network, whose private data went to the network, found themselves in considerable trouble.

Security researchers from vpnMentor came across publicly available 20 GB repository (!) private data related to "models" cooperating with the aforementioned network. The data was widely available on one of Amazon's servers located in Virginia. About 66 million people actively use PussyCach. All data was cataloged in zip files – individually assigned to each of the women.

The file and information collection was above 875,000 different types of keys leading to photos and videos, but also personal information. What information is this? Those whose leakage can seriously threaten brave ladies. I'm talking about their names, ID card photos, fingerprints (!), Phone numbers, ID and passport numbers, driving license photographs, and even full home addresses. There is a serious risk that data may fall into the wrong hands and women will be harassed and threatened.

pussycash leak leakage
Examples of leaked documents – Texas driving license and payment card issued by Chase Bank. | Source: vpnMentor
Some data are said to be even 20 years old, but other files are literally a few weeks ago. Data leakage victims are women from Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. PussyCash did not react in any way to the contact from vpnMentor, but the company network ImLive said it would look at the matter.

The database has already disappeared from the network, but as anyone with a web browser could access it, it seems that its backups were definitely created. Something I feel that this matter will still be loud. Women knew that they risked a lot by taking up this form of gainful activity, but none seemed to believe that something like this could happen.

Source: vpnMentor