Price increases at Play. More expensive calls and texts

Play pricesNew Year's surprise.
Subscribers using pre-paid mobile services in the Play network will soon pay more for SMSs, calls and some additional services. The new price list will apply from February 15 in tariffs Play pre-paid and Red Bull Mobile.

The most noticeable change may be the introduction of a fee for SIM / USIM card replacement for reasons attributable to the subscriber. It will be usd 19.99and so far it has been free. Fees can be avoided if the card has been stolen (you will need a document confirming the incident to the police) or it is damaged.

Voice and video calls will increase, but only slightly. Subscribers will pay not 29, but 30 groszy per minute to all mobile and landline networks in the country and in EU roaming. The text messages will go up – Play customers will pay in mid-February 19 gr for 1 SMS (so far the rate was 9 groszy). It is worth noting that the price will not change in the Play pre-paid tariff from the begining.

To avoid high fees for SMSs and voice calls it's best to use cyclical packages. For example, the "Solo M" tariff, costing usd 25 per 30 days, includes unlimited calls and SMSes as well as a 10 GB internet package.