Postal 4 announced! You can now try it in Early Access

Nobody expected such a message. Studio Running With Scissors has just announced the next installment of the famous Postal series – Postal 4: No Regerts (the typo in the title is a deliberate effort by the creators). However, this is not all. The production has already found its way to Early Access on Steam.

Everyone who has ever dealt with Postal 3 knows that this game should stay erased from history cards. Studio Runnig With Scissors has the same opinion, which was thinking about making another Postal be named, for example, Real Postal 3. It is worth recalling that Postal 3 was not created by Runnig With Scissors (which, moreover, renounced this version), but by the Russian studio TrashMasters, which temporarily received the rights to the series. It is hard to forget the results of this state of affairs, but fortunately the cycle has returned to the right hands.

As we can see in the trailer of Postal 4, it will be a game full of violence, bizarre situations, satire and everything we love from Postal 2. The main character of the title will again be Dude, and the action will take place in the fictional (sandbox) city of Edensin in the state of Arizona in the USA. It is worth mentioning that this time in the English version of the voice will be given to Rude Hunter rather than Jon St. John – a man whose voice is even spoken by Duke Nukem.

Just like in Postal 2, the game in Postal 4 is to be divided into 5 days, from Monday to Friday, during which the player will perform various tasks. As part of Early Access, now known as "Janky Alpha State", the creators shared three Monday tasks, carried out in a small part of the city. Further parts and buildings will be opened in the future.

postal4 2

It is not known how long Postal 4: No Regerts will remain in Early Access. It probably depends on the interest in the title and the plans of the creators. Runnig With Scissors wants to not only introduce more tasks and provide a full city, but also to enter a cooperative mode, side quests, new weapons, police (yes, you don't have to be afraid of it for now), as well as to improve optimization, artificial intelligence, cutscenes, and not only. A full list of planned changes can be found at this address.

Postal 4: No Regerts can be purchased as part of Early Steam Access. Remember that you can download the Steam application from ours application bases.

Source: Running With Scissors