Porsche hung over the precipice. Sardinia wants to block access to Google Maps

Google maps Sardinia


It looks like not only Poles have problems with skillful use of Google Maps, not remembering the constraint of limited trust. Tourists who flock to Sardinia every year have similar problems. The scale of the phenomenon is large enough Sardinian authorities want to block the use of the application on the island.

Only for the last 1.5 years rescuers from Sardinia had to intervene as many as 144 times as a result of careless tourists who blindly trust car navigation. The mayor of Baunei Salvatore Corrias gave the best example of lack of reason to tourists traveling the island in a Porsche car. The driver wanted to reach one of the nearby beaches, but instead … hung in a car over the cliff. Fortunately, the situation happened during the day and visibility was good enough for the driver to brake in time.

"Tourists are not used to using dirt roads in the area, so they completely rely on Google Maps. These are not working well in our area and that is why we need to send so many rescue missions. Google Maps does not lead people to places where you would like to be found ", says the town's mayor in an interview with The Guardian.

Directly speaking signs have already appeared on the island "Do not trust the instructions provided by Google Maps". At the same time, the Sardinian authorities are conducting an extensive information campaign, distributing current paper maps to tourists. Google has already been informed of the case and has even issued a special announcement.

"We are aware of the situation in Sardinia, where Google Maps leads some drivers to roads that are difficult to move. We are looking for a method to improve our application to help safer navigate this type of route", said a Google representative.

Remember, even the best map can never replace common sense. Always look at the road and local signs first, followed by navigation.

Source: The Guardian