Popular FX File Explorer removed from Play Store for suspicious ads


No one can be trusted.

Not once in our website we informed you about finding potentially dangerous applications in the Play Store. It is often the case that not very popular developers and services slip through the security features of the Mountain View giant. Now, however, we are dealing with a rather peculiar phenomenon, where an application with over 5 million downloads is involved.

FX File Explorer is one of the most popular file managers on Android these days. Millions of users were tempted to install the program. The application was characterized by a transparent interface and non-invasive ads. Why did I use the past tense? The service is no longer available.

A few days ago, its creators received a notification from the Play Store. The reason for the liquidation of FX File Explorer was supposedly due to the use of a "deceptive ad system". It is about not very accurate designation of what is advertising and what is the function of the program. The developers decided to appeal against the decision.

remove fx 2

Why? This "deceptive advertisement" was a link to a free theme pack from the same developer in the Play Store. Therefore, there is no question of cynically attracting users or even obtaining material benefits. Will Google believe the developer and respond positively? We will find out soon enough.

Source: 9to5google