Polkomtel terminates the contract with Huawei. What happened?

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Huawei is facing new problems in Poland. Today, Polkomtel, belonging to Cyfrowy Polsat, announced that it had decided formally withdraw from the contract with Huawei. As the cause of the entire situation, Polkomtel reports the protracted delay associated with the implementation of the new BES IT system. Interestingly, Polkomtel he will also demand that the Chinese pay back his salary during the entire duration of the work.

Originally, the contract between Polkomtel (Plus) and Huawei was signed in June 2016, over three years ago. Originally, the project assumed the implementation of a new technology within 18 months from the date of signing the contract. Unfortunately this did not happen. As of November 2019, it indicates that the agreement between the companies has not been finalized The Chinese are over 20 months late in their work. In the meantime, Polkomtel signed a special annex with Huawei to extend the deadline, but that was not enough.


According to unofficial information received by Business Insider, it appears that the cooperation agreement between Polkomtel and Huawei it could cost up to usd 600 million. Initially, the company did not want to exceed usd 300 million assumed to complete the entire investment.

The official announcement indicates that Polkomtel will demand reimbursement of the remuneration paid, and in case of problems it will apply for the procedure enabling the bank guarantee and those that are claiming payment to be implemented. Huawei has not yet issued any official communication on the whole matter. However, it can be assumed that it will appear within the next few hours or days.

The matter is currently developing and there is nothing else to do but wait patiently for what will happen next.

Source: PAP