PlayWay studio has gone crazy. They do the Jesus Christ simulator (trailer)

i am jesus christ jesus simulator

You won't see it.

You probably thought that simulators of everything have already been created. A simulator of a policeman, fireman, farm, goat, slices of bread, bees, mechanics, repairs are computer and console games that actually exist. Polish PlayWay studio is responsible for some of them. Poles have just gone a step further and announced a realistic simulator … of Jesus Christ. Here I am Jesus Christ.

I Am Jesus Christ seems to cross the border of absurdity

What do the representatives of PlayWay studio promise? Quite a lot. As many as thirty (!) Different miracles to perform, a duel with Satan, baptism, prayers and even … crucifixion and resurrection. The question arises: is it still a game or – in the event of terribly thought-out game and numb gameplay – sacrilege and offense of religious feelings? I certainly will not judge it. This will probably be assessed by players. Various simulators of this type are known from various heads and, therefore, accompanying them on various streams of "backs". Is this what the developer wants? I do not think so.

Trailer I Am Jesus Christ is …

I really don't know what to think about it.

I'm afraid that the game is announced to be quite serious, and another one will come out of it Brian's life. I understand that PlayWay wants to take another niche for itself, but I'm not convinced that Bible games are a good idea. Of course, as a historical game it is a nice curiosity, but already description on Steam the betraying part of the plot shows that this will also include fictitious events.

i am jesus christ jesus simulator 2

What do you think about it?