Players pollute the environment more than millions of cars

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According to The Computer Gamers Journal study.

The Computer Gamers Journal has published an interesting report about players located in the United States. It turns out that American players consume about 34 terawatt hours of power over a year. It is about 2.4% of all electricity in all households in the USA. This number also beats over 5 million cars. Games and players themselves consume more power than all US freezers combined. The study itself is intriguing and blames quite a few things that make up the statistics mentioned above.

In 2016 consoles accounted for over 66% of total energy consumption in games. Desktop computers used it, respectively, 31%, and for laptops a 3% share remained. Everything else is nothing but media streaming equipment such as Apple TV or NVIDIA Shield. Analysts note the trend among players associated with the use of multiple monitors at the same time. A single house with two computers and four 4K monitors would be able to consume 2,560 kilowatt hours per year.


The equipment designed strictly for virtual reality also contributed to the whole – mainly by using higher resolution and by using techniques such as advanced rendering. It is expected that by 2021 players will consume energy it will only grow. The jump will not be big, because only by one terawatt hour, but the whole situation is not going to stop or limit for now.

Interestingly, the data presented by researchers indicate that using technologies such as V-Sync or simply reducing the frame rate in a given game is able to translate energy demand reduced by up to 39% the whole set.

As you can see in the graphic, players were quite high in the polluters' ranking. The question … is anyone going to do something about it?

Source: TechCrunch