Play24 introduces payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay and BLIK

11/11/2019 154650

Comfort above all.

The latest update of the Play24 application brings users of subscription offers a new feature – the ability to quickly pay invoices via payment Google Pay, Apple Pay, BLIK, payment cards and fast transfers.

The new methods of paying bills are to make it even easier for subscribers of the Play network to use the services offered by the operator. To pay the invoice, it is not required to enter the transfer details, invoice number, recipient details or provide the amount.

Native payments are the perfect complement to previously offered functions – i.e. the ability to view the status of individual invoices and additional costs in a given billing period.

11/11/2019 154753

The entire invoice payment process consists of a few simple steps. First, in the Payments menu, select the invoice that requires payment and click the Pay button. Then on the screen with the summary it is necessary to choose one of the available payment methods – Google Pay, Apple Pay, BLIK or bank transfer. In the last step, the payment confirmation is displayed and the total time the payment was made. Transactions are carried out quickly, and the invoice paid is automatically transferred to the "Paid" card.

The Play24 application can be downloaded for free at App Store and Google Play.

Source: Play