People buy smartwatches for power. Impressive growth in this market

smartwatch market

Smart watches are getting better.

Sales of smart watches are growing year by year, but no one expected such results in the third quarter of this year. The latest data provided by Strategy Analytics clearly show that along with the improvement of smartwatches by manufacturers, people are reaching for them more and more willingly. And no wonder.

The world smartwatch market in the third quarter of 2019 recorded up to 42% increase supplies of these devices compared to the same period in the previous year. Only in this period of this year, as many as 14 million smart watches were delivered. It was important to achieve such results, for example premiere of the new Apple Watch Series 5, but also excellent sales of Apple Watch Series 4 watches. Why such a conclusion?

The smartwatch market is dominated by Apple, which has a 47.9% share in the global sale of smart watches. In the top three you will not find Xiaomi Amazfit increasingly popular watches. The second place on the podium falls to Samsung (13.4% share), and the third to Fitbit (11.3%), which one of the newer watches recently for you I tested.

However, the results provided by Strategy Analytics also show that the market for smart watches is very fragmented. 27.5% of the market for these devices belongs to the companies included in the survey in the "other" category – among them we will find devices from Huawei, Xiaomi, and Garmin products, which have been breaking popularity records for years.

watch market

I don't know about you, but I am convinced of smart watches, although I mainly use their training functions and … alarms. I've done some Amazfit timepieces (I remember the Stratos 2 model especially well), Huawei Watch Active (ah, if it wasn't for the inability to export training), and finally Garmin Fenix ​​landed on my wrist. Even my grandmother willingly abandoned her quartz in favor of a smartwatch. He even informed her about upcoming calls by vibration on the wrist when the smartphone was just muted.

Do you use smart watches? Which one did you choose?

Source: Strategy Analytics