Party – spin up every party (game review)


Ideas for having fun with friends.

Family gatherings or with friends are not always successful. Sometimes there are no topics for conversation, other times someone will forget their favorite board game, etc. It turns out that a smartphone can save us from boredom – and it is not about everyone getting involved in browsing the Internet …

Party – a mobile set of party games.

Price: usd 0 / Contains ads / Android: 4.1 and newer

Party "width =" 128 "height =" 128Party is a free party game. It allows you to play team matches with friends in several popular games (counting, taboos, character description, synonyms, nursery rhyme). The database currently contains over 2.7 thousand cards with passwords.

Game operation is easy. We set the number of teams and the point limit and start the fun. The change game presents the task to be performed and measures the time. Below the task card, buttons are displayed for assessing task performance. The current score is displayed after each round. Importantly, we don't have to play every available competition every time – we will turn off individual modes in options.

Party scr 1
The ads are displayed sporadically as a banner at the bottom of the screen, so they do not disturb during play. If I were to stick to something, there is a lack of freedom in setting the parameters of the game. A maximum of four teams can play, the response time is set permanently to a minute, etc.

Party is a light game that is worth having on your smartphone. Perfect for meeting friends. Several game modes and an extensive base of cards with passwords allow you to turn a blind eye to several shortcomings.

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