Oppo shows a smartphone without connectors and buttons. Does this solution make sense?

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The company wants to predict the future.

Do you remember Meizu Zero? At the beginning of 2019, the Chinese manufacturer wanted to show how exactly the future of smartphones can look. The phone presented by Meizu did not have buttons or ports, and its charging was supported by an 18W accessory. Oppo came to similar conclusions, which showed a prototype a smartphone that will not have any physical buttons or ports on its housing. There was also a retractable selfie camera. The idea described above Meizu did not collect money and died a natural death. So what is Oppo aimed at?

The Oppo smartphone prototype, like in the case of Meizu, does not have speakers, buttons and ports – under the display there is a place for the front selfie camera. The pixels are slightly larger here to give the camera access to more light. So where does the sound come from in this smartphone? The loudspeaker of the device was also built-in directly under the screen of the Oppo prototype.


On the right side of the smartphone there is space for a power button that is activated by touch. The device itselfCharges wirelessly using the included charger, which is able to work with power up to 30W. Oppo prototype uses eSIM technology to connect to the network and probably can be earlier properly programmed to work with the operator.

For now, the Chinese are not planning to introduce a similar device for mass production. The prototype shown by Oppo is more a presentation of the possibilities that we will be able to see in the future on the brand's smartphones. In recent months, rumors have spread to the network that Apple may also be planning to create a smartphone without buttons and ports.

So are we waiting for a smartphone, wireless future? We don't know yet.

Source: TechRadar