Oppo presents Enco Free. Wireless headphones similar to AirPods

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Available at a lower price.

Oppo announced some time ago that it will release its proprietary wireless headphones. Leaks that appeared on the network actually suggested that the Chinese brand is going to be inspired by the design that Apple headphones – the AirPods model have. This is the end of waiting. Oppo showed headphones Enco Free, which can boast of good working time on one charge and an affordable price. What else can this equipment do?

Oppo Enco Free use a completely wireless design – without using a single millimeter of cable. At first glance the equipment actually resembles Apple AirPods. In this case, we are also dealing with two headphones and a small case that has a built-in battery to supplement the energy in the accessory itself. The case also has a place for a special LED indicating the energy level and a USB Type-C port that lets you recharge your headphones.


Oppo Enco Free headphones they weigh about 4.6 grams. According to the manufacturer, the accessory is the first to use fully ultra-dynamic speakers. By using a special magnetic circuit, the sound quality is unmatched. In combination with the case, Enco Free headphones are able to work up to 25 hours on a single battery charge. And all this with the microphones on active noise reduction. This is really a very good result.

Oppo also boasts of using a new approach to connect headphones with a smartphone. Instead of a single signal, both the left and right handsets are to use the Bluetooth interface simultaneously, which allows reduce audio delay by 76 percent while watching multimedia or playing games on a smartphone.

Oppo Enco Free headphones are to be available in three colors: white, black and pink. The accessory was valued at 699 yuan, which in terms of zlotys gives less than 385 zlotys. It can be suspected that the price of the accessory will fluctuate in Poland within 399 usd.

The official date of introduction of the Enco Free headphones for sale is December 31, 2019.

Source: Oppo