Opera refutes accusations of unethical behavior and attacks Hindenburg Research

Hindenburg opera dispute

Who's right?

Hindenburg Research recently published the report she accused Opera Software of conducting extremely unethical activities. This was to consist of usury loans against the Google Play Store regulations through the CashBean, OPay, OKash and OPesa applications. Opera has just issued a statement in which it denies all allegations and points out Hindenburg Research to act in its interest.

The position of the Opera company came to our editorial box, whose representatives believe that "Hindenburg published a report in an attempt to create a situation in which it would be possible to play for a short sale (on a price drop) of Opera shares. In addition, there is a sentence that "The Hindenburg company does not hide that it wants to earn on it"which is not supported by evidence for this state of affairs, but an indication that the company on its website in the section"Legal reservations"informs that "has a short position in the indicated shares (and / or share options), therefore it can achieve significant profits in the event that the price of any of the indicated shares falls".

I put the official position of the Opera in full below:

"The Opera Group is aware of the existence of a report playing for the price reduction of shares, published on January 16, 2020. The company believes that the report is full of errors, unfounded statements, misleading conclusions and interpretations of the company's business activities and events related to it.

The company has recently started and successfully scaled several new business ventures while still presenting solid financial results. The company intends to continue using its known brand and a huge group of 360 million users for further growth. The company remains committed to maintaining a high ethical standard and constant evolution of our products, activities and corporate governance. "

At the same time, the Opera did not respond in any way to specific accusations of usury. It seems that all claims from the Hindenburg Research report have been completely rejected.

Source: Opera