Opera 55 for Android will take care of your eyesight and sense of aesthetics

opera 55 android

Give her a chance!

The creators of web browsers are fighting for the trust not only of people using personal computers, but also of mobile devices. Sure now Google Chrome dominates both of these markets, but that doesn't mean it's the best browser at all, right? Opera, which has just released a browser, wants to change the habits of hundreds of millions of users around the world Opera 55 for Android.

The most beautiful mobile browser?

The creators of Opera 55 have really stood up to the challenge. The latest update strongly emphasizes visible changes and strongly affecting the comfort of using the application. There is quite a lot of news, and the biggest of them is probably new night mode. In his menu, the user can adjust the color temperature of the colors, dim the screen and decide whether to darken the on-screen keyboard. Yes, the settings work regardless of system functions!

opera 55 android night mode

Dark and light motives were also changedwhich can now also be used in conjunction with the new night mode. The combination of night mode with a dark theme will really reduce the brightness of the light emitted after dark. For me a bomb.

Nothing prevents you from automating the operation of individual themes and browser modes. The browser user can specify the time during which the setting is activated automatically.

Also new faster card switching, possible without visiting the card gallery. How to do it? All you need to do is move the gesture to one side or the other on the bottom bar of the browser.

Opera 55 is now available for download via our file base. I strongly encourage you to try its possibilities!

Source: Opera