OneDrive with a dark theme already on Halloween

onedrive dark theme 2


The best moment to introduce a dark theme to the application? Halloween. At least that's what Microsoft thinks October 31 start making the expected update for onedrive. The novelty will then be implemented only on the server side, so not all users will get access to it immediately.

We are already talking about the final version of the dark theme for OneDrive. Dark mode in this case applies to virtually all program sections – file search engines, menus, tabs with photos, and even a panel with details of specific data.

onedrive dark theme 1

However, this was not without controversy. People with early access to updates began to report that the program is missing any switch to manually activate the dark theme. This means that the novelty can only apply to Android 10 consumers. However, we still have to wait a bit for the final verdict.

You can't hide that developers are increasingly choosing to introduce a dark theme to their applications. Google is the leader in this matter, as it has already carried out most of its services to the "dark side".

Source: Android Police