One of the largest airports in the world is introducing a system against drones

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Will others follow the example?

One of the largest airports around the world, and certainly the largest in the UK has decided finally deal with drones once and for all. More specifically, we are talking about Heathrow, which implemented an advanced system for locating unauthorized aircraft moving within the airport itself. This move was caused by a multitude of incidents in previous years that not only affected airport security but also resulted in delayed or completely canceled flights.

An example of the biggest paralysis of recent years is the situation at Gatwick Airport, which is through several drones flying over the airport has been closed for over 30 hours. Perpetrators have not been detected or identified yet.

London Heathrow will use a system based on holographic radar to locate drones. The system itself offers real-time supervision in three dimensions. In addition to locating drones in the airspace of the airport, the technology also allows efficient identification of their pilots nearby – so that protection can be done directly. However, the software itself does not interfere with flying aircraft – this may suggest that Heathrow will use other equipment to "ground" them in case of problems.


In March 2019, the United Kingdom introduced special airspace regulations around airports. Ship operators who break this law and find themselves in a restricted zone they may be subject to the penalty of deprivation of liberty for up to five years – they will also be fined from a few to several dozen thousand pounds.

Will other airports around the world follow Heathrow? It's very likely. Even the largest ones use solutions to prevent drones, French Charles De Gaulle airport located in the Paris area.

Source: DT