Okay, this can be great. Google will introduce the package tracking option into the search engine

Google tracking packs

The function looks interesting.

An internet search engine is a tool that can be called "multifunctional" without any obstacles. As it turns out – Google wants to make us use its search engine even more often and on even more opportunities.

The Mountain View giant announced early tests in which courier companies can participate. Yes, you read it right. Google plans to launch a function that allows checking detailed information about the shipment straight from the browser. For the implementation of the novelty, the consent of the shipping companies is necessary.

The company noted that the functionality will not be limited geographically. Companies from around the world can apply to the program, including those operating in Poland. However, it is difficult to say at this moment whether Google will eventually decide to implement the novelty. The principle of its operation can be seen in the screenshots below.


So we urge all carriers to become interested in the giant's offer. I must admit that the ability to track a package directly from the browser sounds tempting – this option would save both time and nerves. However, the presence of the function does not depend on users in this case.

Source: Phone Arena