Office 365 may wait for rebranding. We know what will replace him

office 365 rebranding

Are changes coming?

Under the name Microsoft 365 we will now find a subscription-based business platform that integrates the capabilities offered by Office 365, Windows 10, as well as services related to company management tools, devices and advanced security. According to the latest reports, individual customers will soon be able to buy similar licenses. What does it mean?

Increasingly suggesting that the popular Office 365 office suite is subscribed to rebranding. In other places the name Office 365 is replaced by Microsoft 365. Twitter user Florian B shared screenshots showing the change of the Office 365 Home subscription name to Microsoft 365.

Michael Reinders on Twitter, in turn, placed screenshots showing the change of the brand Office 365 ProPlus to Microsoft 365 ProPlus. The new names are not yet officially communicated by Microsoft anywhere.

Microsoft representative in an interview with the service from ZDNet announced that "the company has no plans to rebrand Office 365 ProPlus and change the name to Microsoft 365 ProPlus at this time. Consumers can still purchase Office 365 ProPlus without having to purchase it in a package with Windows 10 and Intune". Keywords can be keywords "at this point". The declaration is in clear contradiction with the actions that Internet users have noticed.

If Microsoft will officially announce any changes, he'll do it for sure at his October 2 event.

If the price of Microsoft 365 packages were attractive, a certain group of consumers might want to use them. After all, many users use both Windows 10 and the Office 365 office suite on a daily basis. Are you one of those people?

Source: ZDNet, Twitter