Notepad, Paint and WordPad to be removed from the next Windows 10 update!

how to remove notebook wordpad paint windows 10


If I asked you about three programs that are inherently associated with Windows, which ones would you mention? I bet many would just mention Notebook, Pain and WordPad among a few other proposals. These applications, despite being well known to the "old stalkers" of Microsoft systems, are less and less used. Therefore, Microsoft finally decided to let them get rid of them!

Notebook, Paint and WordPad can be uninstalled

In the newest Windows 10 Insider Build 19551 Microsoft has made the above-mentioned tools optional. This means that any of them can be uninstalled by the system user! It turns out that WordPad, Paint and Notepad will become optional components of the system along with the upgrade Windows 10 20H1 (2004), which will be available at the turn of April and May.

how to remove wordpad paint notebook

The ability to remove these tools from the system is really great news. The old Paint program already has a successor in the form of a much better 3D Paint, WordPad is probably only used by masochists who for some reason do not use the Microsoft Office suite or free alternatives in the form of Libre Officeand Notebook? Please, it's perfect, it's free Notepad ++.

After uninstalling each of the listed programs, you must restart the system. After this procedure, the applications will no longer be displayed in the system, including the search engine. In total, they occupy only about 20 MB of disk space, but why keep them on disk if they are not needed, right?

Will you delete them? I certainly do.