Night mode from iPhone 11 on the first real photos. Apple caught up with the competition?

13/09/2019 090131

The first pictures are already there.

Night mode on smartphones is nothing new. It is worth recalling that it is Chinese Huawei pushed this type of mobile photography to a higher level by presenting the P20 Pro and its subsequent flagships. Since then, a real race began, and the manufacturer competes for the title of the best smartphone for photos after dark.

This year's iPhones presented at the beginning of this week finally join the group of offering smartphones dedicated mode for night photography. The manufacturer promises that shots taken in low light will be much better because they use intelligent software and when recording A13 Bionic processor. During the presentation, Apple showed such an example:

13/09/2019 085158

Of course, you should not blindly believe everything the manufacturer talks about during a marketing presentation. To assess the possibilities of night photography with a new iPhone, you should wait for real photos taken by the users themselves.

The first comparative photos taken with the iPhone X and iPhone 11 Pro Max appeared on Twitter. The results are surprising and you can see that Apple actually applied to the night mode. What we see is simply an abyss.

13/09/2019 085559

Source: Coco Rocha (Twitter)

Photos taken with the iPhone 11 Pro Max looks great in comparison with those taken with the iPhone X. What if you compare them with the competition?

I suspect that Huawei P20 Pro, which debuted in March 2018, would offer similar quality as this year's iPhone. As you can see, in some respects Apple is still chasing competition and is no longer a precursor.