New NVIDIA drivers will improve the experience on Apex Legends and Fifie

nvidia drivers

Update the software.

Remember to regularly update your graphics card drivers? Certainly not, that's why we remind you about this with the latest software update from NVIDIA. "Greens" have just released a hotfix for their devices that will improve the fun experience in several popular titles.

Hotfix number 436.51 improves the experience of playing productions such as FIFA 19, FIFA 20, Apex Legends and Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017). In the case of Apex Legends, the problem of flickering during the game was eliminated, and the rest of the titles corrected errors leading to random shutdown of the game.

The update is intended only for owners of computers working under the control of the operating system Windows 10 64 bit version.

The GeForce Experience application, which will always remind you to install new drivers, can be downloaded from our file base.

Source: NVIDIA