New Microsoft Edge downloaded in a different language? See how to change the language

The new Microsoft Edge is not yet available through Windows Update, but will be available soon will replace your old Edge on your computer using an outdated browsing engine. Many of you have decided to download Microsoft Edge from Chromium on your own. If you downloaded the application from our file base, then you probably use it in Polish. However, what to do if Edge installs in another language by default? We have a solution for this.

Users from all over the world report that the new Microsoft Edge can install in a language that is not compatible with their system language. This is undesirable behavior, because the language version of the browser is selected on the basis of OSu. Microsoft confirms this on technical support page. There are three options.

How do I change the language in the new Microsoft Edge?

If you want to set the Polish language and the browser will be installed in English, then the matter is simple. You click in "…", and then Settings -> Languages ​​-> Preferred languages ​​-> Add languages and there you add Polish. But what if you are using a computer on which Edge has decided to install in another language?

The simplest method is to paste the address browser bar EDGE: // settings / languages . It is enough to go to the language change section and add Polish.

Alternatively, look at the screenshots below and … see where to click. I will use the example of the Amharic language, i.e. a Semitic language from the Ethiopian group. Probably none of you will ever see the language before your eyes, but your friend with Xiaomi laptop Microsoft Edge decided to get married in … Chinese. So the problem is real.

How to change microsoft edge 1
How to change microsoft edge 2
How to change microsoft edge 3
How to change microsoft edge 4

I don't know about you, but I do I gave a chance to a new Microsoft browser. I think that it has a range of very interesting functions and it is worth trying it out. See for yourself, it's free. Importing bookmarks and passwords from Chrome or Firefox takes literally a while, and the new Microsoft solution works very well.